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Ipro Academy Review And Bonus


IPro Academy Review And Bonus

Price: 1997 $

There are tons of ways to generate traffic and there are a lot of courses and training programs that teach you how to drive traffic but none of them is as thorough and comprehensive as iPro Academy.


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Ipro Academy Review

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Starting an internet business might be easy but running and managing a business is an altogether different job that’s really challenging. Creating an ecommerce store, a new blog or a business website is not hard – you can get it done in a couple days and the cost associated to starting a business online is not very high.

But the real challenging part of the game is getting internet traffic.

Traffic or web traffic is the crux of every internet business. No matter how nice and professional website you have setup, if it is not getting visitors, it will not going to earn you anything. You need visitors and getting visitors (or people) on your website or blog is not easy.

If you can drive massive people on your website, you will generate leads as well as sales and that’s how you earn in the online world.

No visitors mean no traffic which leads to no conversions, no leads and no sales.

The equation is pretty much simple.

There are tons of ways to generate traffic and there are a lot of courses and training programs that teach you how to drive traffic but none of them is as thorough and comprehensive as iPro Academy.

iPro Academy is a complete coaching program that teaches you all about driving traffic from paid sources to your website by significantly reducing costs. Fred Lam is the author of iPro Academy so this means there is something great about this course.

In this iPro Academy review, you will going to find out all about the coaching program including:

  • iPro Academy review and overview
  • A little bit about the author
  • Course outline and what’s included
  • Features of the course
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • Suggestions for buyers
  • Conclusion

Quick Overview for our review

iPro Academy OverView

iPro Academy is a coaching program that has several teaching methods like trainings, videos, coaching sessions, resources and much more. The core purpose of the coaching program is to enable you to get maximum (or potentially unlimited) traffic from all major traffic sources (paid ones).

There are a lot of paid traffic networks like Google AdWords, Facebook and others.

Not only that iPro Academy teaches you all about advertising and driving traffic but the real beauty of the system is that it lets you reduce your advertising costs to half.

You will get access to secrets, strategies and tips for getting lowest possible CPC from Google, Facebook and other ad networks. It is all about traffic.

You can scale your advertising campaigns fairly quickly. According to Fred Lam:

iPro Academy is my passion and I have put my experience of 10 years into this course. Anyone who gets into this training program – gets a chance to learn everything in a few days that I learned in 10 years.”

This shows the real strength of iPro Academy.

Fred Lam – The Author of iPro Academy

When it comes to traffic generation, there is no man better than Fred. He has more than 10 years of experience in generating dirt cheap traffic for large corporations. He has worked with a lot of leading businesses and organizations and has helped them with generating quality traffic.

He is basically a consultant and helps organizations in generating traffic while reducing costs. He has a massive list of resources and contacts which enables this guy to be the best in terms of traffic generation.

This time, he has compiled a very detailed course on traffic generation and has packed it with his strategies, resources and everything that he has learned over these years.

Ipro Academy contents : What’s Included

iPro Academy programs consists of community, trainings, videos and access to million-dollar insights from Fred’s desk.

The basic course has 7 step-by-step modules along with bonuses and resources that are sure to make you WOW! The modules start from basics and moves up to the advance level. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from and what background you have, you can start from the level that you think is right for you.

Here is a brief overview of the modules.

Module 1: The Fundamentals

It is the basic module for beginners who are new to all this. It has four parts including:

  1. The basics of internet marketing
  2. Internet marketing jargons and terminologies
  3. Internet marketing and mathematics
  4. Choosing the right advertising platform

Module 2: Website Creation

This is the module that talks about creating your own website, in case if you don’t have one. Again this module is for beginners who don’t have a website or for those who don’t know how to create website.

This module has been divided into four parts.

  1. Niche selection
  2. Monetization
  3. Website creation
  4. Outsourcing

Module 3: Sales Funnel

This is the module where real game begins. Even if you know what a sales funnel is, you should go through this module. Go through all the six parts and see how you can make your sales funnels better.

  1. Direct linking
  2. Opt-in funnel
  3. Pre-sell funnel
  4. Review page funnel
  5. Webinar funnel
  6. Sales funnel creation

In the first five parts of the module, you will learn different funnel types and in the final part, you will learn creating a sales funnel from leading tools.

Module 4: Facebook Advertising

This is where you will learn all about Facebook advertising. It is the most comprehensive training on Facebook advertising that I have ever gone through. It is surely a pleasure to learn things that you never hear from anyone else.

This module consists of 12 parts.

  1. The basics of Facebook ads
  2. Facebook compliance
  3. Facebook pages
  4. Facebook ad account creation
  5. Ad types and ad objectives
  6. Target audience
  7. Getting ready for your first ad campaign
  8. Your first Facebook ad campaign
  9. Optimization
  10. Power editor
  11. Scaling it up
  12. Re-targeting

Module 5: Google AdWords

After setting up and running your ad campaign on Facebook, you now need to get a hold of Google AdWords. There are 12 parts of this module.

  1. The basics of Google AdWords
  2. Google compliance
  3. Google search network
  4. Optimization of search campaign
  5. Contextual network
  6. Optimization of contextual ads
  7. Google display network
  8. Optimizations of display ads
  9. Retargeting
  10. Leveraging Google
  11. Google Goldmine
  12. AdWords editor

Module 6: Bing Ads

This 5 part module will teach you how to run your ads on Bing.

  1. The basics of Bing
  2. Bing compliance
  3. Starting a Bing search campaign
  4. Optimizing your campaign
  5. Tips and tricks

Module 7: Penny Click Mastery

This is the module where you will learn about ad networks where you can run your campaigns in pennies – literally.

  1. In-text ads
  2. 50onRed campaign
  3. TrafficVance

Bonuses and Additional Resources

Here is a list of bonuses and resources that you get after becoming the member of iPro Academy.

  • Video training on direct media buying
  • Power sessions from Fred which includes videos, webinars and live trainings.
  • Q&A webinars with Fred. You get answers to your questions directly from Fred.
  • A lot of resources including:
    • Ad network list
    • Google ad sizes
    • Banner sizes cheat sheet
    • Guide on Facebook ads and dimensions
    • Facebook ad creation worksheet
    • LCV
    • Daily profit report
    • Split testing checklist
    • Guide on basics of online advertising
    • Key terms (Google and Facebook)
    • Formula sheet
    • Webpage layout
    • Financial worksheets
    • Tools

IPro Academy Free Book

Ipro Academy Previous Free Workshop

Workshop 1: FACEBOOK Mastery

Workshop 2: GOOGLE Mastery

Workshop 3: Secert Network For PENNY Clicks

IPro Academy Free Workshops , Register NOW

Ipro Academy WorkShop 1




iPro Academy Features

Here are some of the major feature of this training program.

  • It is one of the best courses and coaching programs on traffic generation. Not only that it teaches you all about traffic generation but it shows you how you can do it all.
  • This is the best coaching on getting cheap clicks. You will be able to reduce the cost of advertising to a significant extent.
  • Fred Lam, the author of the course himself is a huge benefit. You get a chance to learn from a guy who is known as the traffic generation guru.
  • You learn strategies and secrets that Fred has used personally for his clients.
  • There are a lot of different teaching methods included in the program like modules, videos, access to community, recordings, worksheets and much more.
  • It is a complete coaching program where you get access to all the resources and tools that you need. Nothing is kept hidden. All the secrets have been revealed.
  • You can scale up your campaigns. This is the best thing about it. No matter what ad campaign you are running, you can always scale it up.
  • You can generate heaps of traffic to any website no matter what the website is about.
  • There are multiple ad networks covered in the course. You don’t stick to a single ad network rather you will master all the leading ad networks.
  • You can maintain your own pace. You don’t have to run campaigns on all the ad networks discussed instead you can choose your own budget, your own ad networks and your own pace – but you have to stick to the rules. This makes it a very flexible course.

Ipro Academy Price

iPro Academy is available at $1997. This is a one-time price that you will have to pay to get access to the member’s area.

This is not a cheap training program and that’s because it teaches you all the non-ordinary stuff that you will not ever find on internet or in other courses.

Let’s be realistic, if you are a serious contestant and a serious internet entrepreneur and want to drive tons of traffic to your website or offer, you just cannot miss iPro Academy because you know, if things work out, you will be able to make $2000 in no time from the traffic that you will get.

If you know how to monetize traffic and how to convert visitors into buyers, you can recover the price of the course in a month quite easily.

Ipro Academy Pros

  • You learn the secrets of paid advertising from one of the best guys, Fred Lam, what’s better than it?
  • It is a very detailed training program that covers everything. If you have this course, you need nothing else.
  • It has videos, modules, webinars, recordings, live sessions, a community and here is the best part, you can ask questions directly from Fred on live Q&A session.
  • Fred shares his personal secrets, resources, tools, sheets and everything that he has with him.
  • After going through iPro Academy, you will be in a position to drive tones of traffic to any website you want.
  • You will learn the art of reducing your ad expenses to half of what you are paying now.

Ipro Academy Cons

  • It is an expensive training program – despite all its benefits and features.

Suggestions of Buyers

If you are to buy iPro Academy, please go through these suggestions.

  • It is a coaching program that teaches you about getting traffic from paid ad networks. There are no free traffic sources involved here so before you invest your money on iPro Academy, make sure that you are ready to run ad campaigns on a few leading ad networks. Purchasing this course will not going to help you if you don’t have the money to invest in advertising campaigns.
  • If you are an absolute newbie and haven’t created a website yet, I’d recommend creating your website first and then getting this course.
  • If you are short of cash or if you don’t want to spend heavily on an ad network, you should try cheap ad networks – preferably Bing.
  • Instead of investing all your money on a single ad network, it is recommended to distribute your ad budget on different networks. Run ad campaigns simultaneously on different ad networks.

Ipro Academy Bonus

Available for only the first ten customers , Get it NOW

Once you have purchased Ipro Academy through our site you will get 500$ amazon Gift Card which will enable you to purchase all what you need through amazon , this will be as discount for you , Catch your coupon Now


Try it Free for 30 days

100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions, no hassles, no problems!


iPro Academy is a training program that will change your life forever – undoubtedly. If you follow the rules and stick to strategies, you can drive massive cheap traffic from any ad network to your website.

Once you have the traffic, the next thing is to covert that traffic.

Getting traffic is just one part of the game, and converting that traffic is the other part. iPro Academy is about traffic generation and not about conversion, leads or sales. This is something that you have to do yourself.

All in all, if you have been into advertising, you should not miss iPro Academy.

Conclusion Rating
5 stars

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